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Welcome! If you are here as a mother who suffered a 4th degree tear in childbirth, please know you are not alone! Although many people do not talk about it, there are thousands of other women who have gone through the same thing as you. I want to first give you a word of encouragement – if you are in the early days of your journey, know that it does get better! You can heal, and you can even return to normal over time, but it does take time! Unfortunately there are some who suffer more than others and do not fully heal. My hope is that by hearing from others’ experiences, you can learn about warning signs and receive help sooner rather than later. You have to be your own advocate!

If you are here and did not have a 4th degree tear, thank you being here. Our goals are to first let women know they are not alone, and second to educate others about our experiences. We want to put a face and voice to these injuries, so they are not ignored any longer. If you know someone who had a 4th degree tear, please pass on our postpartum care information. Please visit our social media page to find other ways to follow us.

If you are a mother with a 4th degree tear and you wish to share your story, there are several opportunities for you to do that. You can either fill out the form here to share your story on our website, schedule a recording for our podcast here, or add your brief story to our map here.

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